NSCN-IM ‘welcomes home’ 245 cadres from Konyak, Phom region


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NSCN-IM today claimed that it warmly ‘welcomes home’ 245 comrades from Konyak and Phom Region of the Apao designated camp, 4 from ‘Unification’, 2 from ‘Khaplang group’ and 1 from ‘Reformation’ with altogether 252 officials. The felicitation program was led by Qhevihe Chishi, Convenor Steering Committee and Kilo Kilonser Rh. Raising and was attended by Steering Executive Members and the Cabinet, the NSCN-IM said in a press statement.

The NSCN-IM in the statement quoted Vitoi Aye, Kilo Kilonser of the ‘Unification group’ who is now with the NSCN-IM as saying, “It is God’s will that the appropriate moments for Naga people is at hand under the competent leadership of Th. Muivah and Isak Chishi Swu”. He declared that he has not ‘come home’ to seek position but to contribute his best to the final Naga political solution which is imminent, the NSCN-IM statement further claimed.

According to the NSCN-IM statement, Kilonser Athrom Col. Rtd recalled the vision of Gen. Rtd. Kholi to unify the Nagas for solution and expressed great hope that the coming together of great leaders is the realization of such vision. He declared the support of all the people of the region both civil and army as ‘baba Kholi’ joined hand with Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah, the statement added.

Lt. Gen. Kosham also declared that Apao designated camp is intact and will always follow the good footsteps of Baba Kholi.

Convenor, Steering Committee, Qhevihe Chishi then extended deep appreciation to the leaders and all the officials. He praised Gen. Kholi for taking the right decision at the right time and says that God will be pleased with this correct decision. He further exhorted that learning how to respect and ‘honour our leaders’ required discipline and wisdom and that with these virtue ‘we must walk together and finish our political journey’.

‘Collective Leadership Member’, Tongmeth Wangnao delivered a short message which Gen. Kholi wanted him to share with all the Naga people saying that, many of ‘our’ Naga people are too obsessed with high portfolio without any responsibility. Shouting of Naga unity from the roof top without sincerity will not bring unity. Saying that, he left the high Chair of the Unification group in search of true reconciliation, unity and the correct future of the Naga people by joining hand with Isak Chishi Swu and Th. Muivah.

Kilo Kilonser, Rh. Raising extended greetings to the ‘Collective Leadership’ and expressed immense happiness with the positive development taking place within the Naga family. He said that NSCN-IM is the ‘home of the Nagas’ and not faction and appealed to all the ‘Naga brethren’ to come ‘home’. It is a house where all the Nagas shall live together. That is how comrades from every corner have come home today to seek our future together. He said that revolutionaries ‘seek’ for its future and that NSCN-IM ‘will not fail in seeking the Naga people future’. He then thanked God for ‘bringing’ to the Naga people the 3rd August Framework Agreement which has ‘laid the political foundation’ between India and Nagas.

The ‘Kilo Kilonser’ also apprised of the necessity to have clarity in our perspective and objective. Saying that the outfit has fought and won many wars in the past because ‘we have clarity of the war we fought for’. He added that “we know our strength and weakness and the strength and weakness of our opponent with clarity”. “The peace talk with the government of India is in good stride and at the end; Naga people will have our right because we have clarity of our objectives,” the NSCN-IM statement added.


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