Nagaland is not an integral part of India: NNC/FGN

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 29 (MExN): The NNC/FGN has termed Minister for Youth Resource & Sports, Merentoshi Jamir’s speech where he “urged students to spread the message that Nagaland as well as other North Eastern states is an integral part of India” as “perplexing and misguiding.” In a press note issued by the Ministry of Rali Wali, the NNC/FGN stated, “It is a verifiable truth that Indians forcefully occupied Nagaland; a fact known to the Indians and the world.” It added that Nagas have never been an integral part of India and “in account of which thousands of lives were sacrificed defending our historical, political and geographical rights.”
The note also said that the “suppression of those rights by the Indians in the past has led to the long torturous history of unspeakable violence and cruelty-rape, murder, arson, raids, massacres and torture.” It lamented that the present generation remains obscure to these “atrocities and afflictions.” It questioned as to whether the Minister’s statement was his personal opinion or “if it had been swayed by the NPF led by DAN Government.” It further advised the Minister to ascertain facts before addressing publicly.

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