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The Meeting was conducted by Mr Gaidon Kamei, General Secretary, UNC with the President L. Adani, UNC in the chair. The invocation was led by Mr Ch. Angkham, President Maring Uparup. The discussion/decisions of the meeting were recorded agenda wise as under :

1. Agenda – Sale status of Charity Draw coupon in aid of UNC Sectt. Complex.
Status : Status of the sale of the charity draw was presented tribe wise and it was agreed that intensive efforts have to be made by those units who have not completed the sale. Further postponement was ruled out which otherwise would result in loss of confidence of the people.
Decision : after receiving suggestions it was agreed that sale of coupons would be completed and the sale proceeds submitted on or before 10th June, 2014. The Bank account for the Charity Draw with SBI Senapati A/C no 33822075933 was also given out to the tribe President for deposits of the sale proceeds.

2. Agenda – Govt. of Manipur administrative order to all districts in the state appointing revenue tribunal to take up survey under MLR&LR Act, 1960
Discussion: The implication of the order was discussed. Although MLR&LR is not applicable in the tribal areas of the hills, after passing the Bill for a Separate Revenue Directorate for the Hills in 2012, the GoM has proceeded with an administrative order constituting Revenue tribunal Manipur as the Revenue Tribunal for Ukhrul, Tamenglong, Chandel and Churachandpur and the District Judge,Senapati as the Presiding Officer, Revenue Tribunal Senapati. The identity and culture of the indigenous people is rooted in Land and is inseparable from the people. The people own the land. This is a subtle move to get around the MLR&LR Act and legitimize taking over the lands of the tribals.

3. Agenda – Govt. of Manipur administrative order on Village Development Committee.
Discussion: Instead of amending the village authority act of 1956 which has been the long standing demand of the tribals and empowering the traditional institutions, the GoM has issued an office memorandum in its Gazette for establishment of “Village Development committee” (VDC) in each village in the hill district ostensibly to deal with the implementation of development programme. The VDC are to be chosen by the general body of the village but without the involvement nor endorsement of the village council, the ultimate traditional authority of the village. Instead of strengthening the village council, a parallel body with development function is to be put in place. The village which is the primary polity of the tribals is being pushed into a conflict and division situation. This is a move to abolish the village republic system of the Nagas and the tribals.
Decisions on Agenda 2 & 3: The move for appointing Revenue tribunals and the policy for establishment of VDCs must be outrightly rejected for their anti-tribal designs.
The above positions on VDC and Revenue tribunal is to be incorporated as a further justification for expediting our Alternative Arrangement demand.
Land and resources being central to our demand for AA, the issue of transfer of 193 Naga/tribal villages to police stations to Imphal East and Thoubal district can also be highlighted to bring out the GoM’s policies to dilute the ownership of the tribals over their land.
4. Agenda – AA dialogue process.
Revisit : The 7th TPT held on 6th Feb, 2014 has agreed upon the constitution of a High Powered Committee on AA for Nagas in Manipur. In the follow up visit to MHA, Delhi a written assurance was received on formal announcement of the Committee after the parliamentary election and lapse of the code of conduct.
Action : UNC Executive will follow up with MHA for early constitution of the Committee.

5. Agenda – Tribe wise review on performance in the 16th MP 2014 election.
Discussion : It was the general agreement that all the tribes have done their best and outmost in support of the Naga candidate. There were some areas in which blatant disregard for the Naga decision were reflected. This has serious implication for the people’s movement.

The Council took serious exception to the anti-Naga activities of Mr. Mani Charenamei. He caused widespread confusion among the Naga people and created avenues for questioning the mandate of the Nagas. Although he was blessed with Naga support in 2004 and 2009 because of the Naga issue, he went against the Naga people’s declaration. He was a member of the CFAA and had participated upto the 3rd rounds of TPT. In public statement he has put into the question the legitimacy of the AA demand of the Nagas in Manipur which gave very negative reflection to the world. He was also convenor of the Naga Parliamentary Forum formed under the aegis of the UNC. On hindsight, he had intentionally allowed the Forum to dissipate away into oblivion making a mockery of the UNC endorsement.

Actions : a. Tribe Hohos/Councils will take suitable actions within the tribe on those who defied the UNC directive as per customary practice. All concern organizations may also take appropriate measures in this regard.
b. The Presidential Council pronounced a “social boycott” on Mani Charenamei in view of his anti-Naga activities as per the declaration adopted in the Presidential Council held on 19th March, 2014 till such time the same is reviewed and decided otherwise. All tribe councils will strictly observe this stricture in their respective jurisdiction.

6. Agenda – Common observation of martyrdom of Nagas who gave their lives in support of the issues of the people.
Discussion : As there are already several heroes who have attained martyrdom on different occasions, it would be sensible to have a common observation of their martyrdom jointly at the all Naga level and to have a collective martyr’s memorial at one venue. The death anniversary of individual martyrs can be separately observed at the local or tribe level.
Action : Suggestion made for formation of a suitable committee to study the various aspect of this issue, such as criteria and trust/ foundation that could be established to perpetuate the fitting respect and honour of the martyrs.

The Presidential Council concluded with a benediction by Mr Mayarmi Jajo, Chairman Aze Longphang.

General Secretary

Copy to : 1. All Tribe Presidents
2. All Frontal Organisations
3. All Regional Organisations

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